Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


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We accept Paypal payments only. Credit Card/debit cards payments can be accepted via Paypal.


For other modes of payment, please DM us on our social media platforms and allow us to assist you.

Our masks have undergone rigorous testing and are certified by TUV-SUD PSB Singapore to have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) percentage of over 99%. The test was done on a 5-mask sample size and achieved an average BFE% of 99.49%. This is above the advisory by the Singapore government, which encourages users to wear masks with a BFE% of at least 95%.

We would like to highlight, despite these results, fabric masks are under no circumstance a direct substitute for medical masks.

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Our masks are at least 4-ply:

- The inner skin-facing layer is made of drifit, a cooling, moisture-wicking material that is often used in sportswear.

- The middle 2 layers are made of spunborn polypropylene, a type of non-woven filtration fabric that gives our masks it's high BFE% attribute.

- The external layer can be made of different materials, I.E satin silk, lace, batik, etc.


Our signature side slit prevents crinkly sides which is prevalent in many masks in the market. The crinkly sides allows air to actually seep into the mask from the sides, thus lowering protection against harmful bacteria and viruses in the air. Also, it allows the mask to fully adhere to the user's face, achieving a neater and more aesthetically pleasing effect.

In accordance with the Singapore government guidelines, we advise our clients to replace their masks every 30 washes.

As our masks filter layers are delicate in nature, we highly advise clients to adhere to the following care instructions:



- Hand wash

- Cold rinse

- Mild cleansing agent

- Air/drip dry indoors



- No harsh chemicals

- No machine wash

- Do not soak, wring or use hot water during wash

- Do not dry outdoors in direct heat

Due to the irreplicable nature of washing by different individuals, any test performed after a set number of washes is highly inaccurate and results cannot be applied accross the board.

No. We have designed our masks to be filter slot-free as we wanted to create a mask that did not place the onus of protection on the user themselves. We often hear people who forget to replace or purchase new filters for their fabric masks. Some might even head out without a filter in place, which totally defeats the point of wearing a mask.


It is much easier and more economical to design the mask with a filter slot as it negates sourcing for the filter material, ironing and sewing together 4 layers of material. Despite majority of fabric mask makers going down this route, we are insistant on our philosophy and will continue to make our masks in this manner.

Yes, we accept distributorship of masks and bulk orders, both under our brand or your own brand.


We currently have numerous distributors/resellers that order masks in bulk from us and resell them as their own. They exist in platforms such as Instagram and Shopee (Our official Shopee store is "BEWA.SG") so you might have seen a similar mask from there. The easiest way to tell if it is made by us is from our signature side slit!


For distributorship/bulk orders, please contact us at or DM us on our social media platforms.